Living To Serve Him

Pastor Dustin was called by ROGBC to come alongside the body of Christ at ROGBC as the Lead Pastor/Elder. Dustin and his wife Mary, of 24+ years came from Western North Carolina where Dustin has served alongside the elder team and had been interim Pastoring at Woodland Hills Baptist Church. Dustin & Mary have both served as Park Rangers and Wildland Firefighters. Dustin has been a professional outdoor fishing and hunting guide since the age of thirteen and Mary has an additional background in horticulture. They both love the Lord , His creation and lively worship through all types of music!

Pastor Dustin and Mary are passionate about sharing Christ with all they encounter through walking the walk and talking the talk.

ROGBC’s current leadership structure is comprised by a Lead Pastor/Elder (Dustin DeVos) and a board of directors. The current board consists of a Chairman (Jim Zimmerman), Vice Chair (Lester Montgomery), Secretary (Kathleen Chase), Treasurer (Todd Skalberg) and a Member at Large (Glynda Sheehan).

It is our long term plan to adapt our leadership model to a more biblically lined out model with Elder Leadership, Deacon Servants, and an Operational Board.  This process takes time and we are in the midst of those changes as God is directing us.

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