What’s in a name?  The changing of a name is of great significance as relates to all the parties involved.  When a lady joins a man in marriage she takes his last name and effectually changes her name. The significance is huge in this picture as it is a display of God’s call for us to leave our parents, maiden name, and cling to one another in marriage and that “great mystery” as the Apostle Paul describes it in Ephesians.

We see name changes through adoption. This is significant again as a child who is left without family, finds a new family and is given a new name. Just the same in God’s family.  When we come to Christ in repentance and faith the scripture says we are adopted by God Himself and are given a new name and a new inheritance.

And again in Scripture we saw Abram become Abraham, Jacob become Israel, Simon become Peter and Saul  become Paul.  We believe that the incredible work that God has done here in us and through us, signifies a great change in our lives. So much so that God is calling us to a new name. So that is why on June 10th 2018 we adopted a new name that we believe reflects what God is and has done in us over the past year.

Come and See!

River Of Grace Bible Church